We are interested in designing, developing, and deploying novel technologies for improving health and wellbeing. Our recent projects focus on conversational agents, passive sensing, and circadian computing.

Conversational Agents

Sustaining Engagement in Health Interventions

Using conversational agents to sustain longitudinal user engagement to eHealth technologies.

Intervention Delivery for Patients with PTSD

Providing family intervention (e.g., couple therapy) to patients using Amazon Alexa.

Mindfulness Intervention for Chronic Pain Management

A virtual coach for patients with chronic pain with a focus on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) practices.

Transparent & Interpretable Agents

How can we make smart-speakers transparent and interpretable to users?

Sensing Health & Wellbeing

Predicting Relapse Onset in Bipolar Disorder

A prediction framework that will identify anomalies and early-warning signs in bipolar disorder using continuous streams of online behavioral data.

Passive Sensing of Sleep Behavior & Circadian Disruptions

What does your phone and social media usage tell about you? We use these patterns to identify sleep behavior and circadian disruptions including social jet lag.

Circadian Computing

ClockWise: Towards Circadian Aware Technology

Advancing a vision for "Circadian Computing" — designing, developing and deploying novel technology that helps to maintain our innate biological rhythms.

Rhythms of Cognitive Performance

Our cognitive ability waxes and wanes over time. Continuous assessment of such fluctuations can enable new technology supporting our individual rhythms.