• April, 2022: We have received the SSRI Large Pilot Award to support financial wellbeing of individuals with bipolar disorder.

  • April, 2022: Sahiti has passed the comprehensive exam — congrats!

  • April, 2022: Our team has been selected to receive funding for the next phase in the 2022 Nittany AI Challenge.

  • March, 2022: Sahiti is attending the 2022 CRA-WP Grad Cohort Workshop for IDEALS.

  • February, 2022: The WHI Lab’s Nittany AI team has advanced to the second phase of the Nittany AI Challenge.

  • February, 2022: Sahiti is joining Google this summer as a research intern with the FitBit Research Team, where she will be working on understanding individuals’ menstrual health journeys through biometric signals.

  • January, 2022: Our paper on privacy sensitive speech analysis using federated learning to assess depression has been accepted in ICASSP.

  • January, 2022: Our paper on the use of Alexa as an active listener and its implication for mental health support has been accepted in CSCW.